One Solitary Life He was born in an obscure village,The child of a peasant woman.He grew up in still another village,Where he worked in a carpenter shopUntil he was thirty. Then for three yearsHe was an itinerant preacher.He never wrote a book.He never held an office.He never had a familyContinue Reading

Kul's Words of Wisdom You are the architect of your life. In this life, learn not to miss much. While talking, be always observant. Waiting for change to change you shows that you are insecure and do not trust yourself. Don't wait for change. If you do, you will beContinue Reading

Great Deals JUST for You ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Introducing you to some stores where we shop. Now you don't have to leave your homes to go shopping. In our commitment to offer you the best online experience, we have partnered with these merchants who offer the bestContinue Reading

A New Year Message to You from Kul Every New Year comes with a lot of success and some failures. Many people fail because they make a New Year resolution and forget all about it in the first 30 days of the year. Today I am challenging you to startContinue Reading

The Leaders of God's Sheep There are people from all walks of life who impact us in one way or another. Today, I am appreciating the men and women of God who have had an impact on my life in 2009. There have been many, but the top 3 televangelistsContinue Reading