Every entrepreneur is in the business of moving products or services to consumers, which is why knowing how to sell is of the utmost importance. Selling is no longer "a job" assigned to traditional or professional salespeople as we know them. With the evolution of technology and a shift inContinue Reading

Every venture needs consumers, but getting them is not always smooth sailing. Ever wondered why those we know (friends and family) are sometimes the last to pay us attention when we ask for support? If you just started in business or have been in the game for a while, pleaseContinue Reading

Photo by Ambro   Customers are the lifeblood of every legitimate business. Without them, it's impossible to generate income and hence senseless to be in business. Getting customers to consume your product or service involves sales. Here are basic sales techniques to help you grow a solid customer base: AlwaysContinue Reading

  The word ‘sales’ most often makes us think pushy, loud, irritating, persuasive individuals who will do anything to push their product. Countless times we have heard folks talk about how much they can't stand salespeople. I must admit I use to feel the same way, especially before I got involvedContinue Reading

I was one of millions of viewers of the popular TV show American Idol yesterday. American Idol which airs every Tuesday and Wednesday evening gives an 'unknown' the chance to stardom based on their singing and performing talents decided by America's votes. Yesterday, I was especially looking forward to watchingContinue Reading