by Kul Kuhla In today's world is it possible to find balance by establishing a life in which you have both time and money? The tendency is usually for the balance to tilt to one side. There are generally four types of people in today's world : (1) People whoContinue Reading

by Jemia A Minang “Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier.” – Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Have you ever imagined the heavy load most of the people you meet in life are carrying? Think of what a kind word,Continue Reading

Inculcating Champion Qualities in Children by Nicoline Ambe People are not born champions. They become champions through teaching, learning and repeated doing. As a teacher, my primary goal is to foster champion mentality in my students. Any visitor to my classroom will see an obvious poster which describes what championsContinue Reading

by Jemia A Minang You meet some people in life, who, though not physically attractive, are so good that they give a smile, kind word and even a part of themselves to help others, expecting nothing in return. Such people glow with an inner beauty which flows out and touchesContinue Reading

A poem by Ali Baba Yakubu   And the girl came near my car window Looking charming; smiling like a widowI smiled back at her holding back my tearsIn a controlled rage I told God all my fearsI reached into my pocket to buy her wares. I do not need themContinue Reading