food for the mind


Dear Champions,

We need to be careful about who/what has access into our minds, through sound (or voices) and visuals that we are exposed to.

What are you consuming on a daily basis and why? What do you find yourself watching or listening to during most of your day? Are you in control of this aspect of your life, or have you become a victim who helplessly takes in any and every video, post, news item and discussion that appears on your social media timeline, is forwarded to you on apps or flashes on your screen while online?

We now live in an age where through social media, we are connected to huge amounts of information and media at any given time. A few years ago, we had to do research to find information. Nowadays, information finds us… and even seems to insist that we consume it. Companies and individuals alike are demanding our attention right, left, front and center. We have become inundated.

Are you in control?

Interestingly, parents often guide their kids on what to watch and when to watch it. We install these apps on their electronics to ensure that certain healthy limits are placed on their use. And will not hesitate to even confiscate these devices if and when kids over-use them.

The question now becomes, are we expecting same from ourselves? Or have we become consumers of any and every thing that falls onto our laps??

Watch it…

Just like we watch what we eat or drink and how much, we need to also watch what our minds take in.

Instead of reading every post that pops up on your timeline, become picky about whose thoughts you are following and why. Become intentional in seeking out positive, growth fueling food (or posts and articles) for your mind.

Personally, I am learning to be very intentional in ensuring that I read, listen to, watch and study enriching material for the most part. Some days, I simply allow my mind to rest and do nothing. Because what goes into the mind informs how we think, how we feel, how we act and who we become… consciously and unconsciously, sometimes in obvious ways, at other times, subtly. For the mind digests, processes, saves and spits back what is ingested into it.

Instead of watching every video that is forwarded to you (and these can be numerous on any given day), know where to go for healthy content. Become proactive in deciding, “this is what I’m watching or listening to today, and this is where I am going to find it. This is how much time I will spend on it.”

Take back the reins

Unhealthy, unnecessary and excessive consumption of information can take up most of your time and mental energy. Draining your productivity tank and seeping away from your creative juices.

For those who create for example, it can be difficult to produce original and thorough works if you are constantly “in” the work of others. You need time off and away so that you can create from a place that is authentic and original. You need to be able to tap into the deep depths of your creativity to produce writings, music, film, paintings, ideas, etc. This isn’t easy to do when your mind is too busy consuming and in-taking other material. Setting boundaries that allow you that space requires discipline and focus.

The information we consume also has the power to affect our mood and feelings. Mental health is of such great importance these days.

You see, your mood can be lightened just by watching or reading the right material. On the other, you can find yourself feeling sad or down due to certain information that you read or listened to. Some people find themselves in a constant upset and enraged state because they have become immersed in certain types of information that others are producing and feeding them with. Like a car with no brakes, they ingest and ingest, and become angrier and angrier.

So… what if YOU decided what goes into YOUR mind? This can lead to such positive shifts in our lifestyle and mental state.

I would love to encourage you to gain and stay in control of what food your mind eats. You are not helpless. You do not need to spend hours scrolling through social media apps to “entertain yourself” and pass time like we say in pidgin English. Read a book, browse some enriching quotes, write an article, watch an educational documentary, go outdoors for some fresh air, or call-up a like-minded person for some rich constructive conversations.


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