Being able to sense energy

energy matters

What’s so interesting about energy is how you can clearly tell a person’s feelings, emotions and intentions by their energy.

There are many instances when making a determination of who is who in our lives presents a bit of a challenge. For example, does this person genuinely care about us, is a friendship real or fake, should an individual be trusted, are they loyal or better kept at arm’s length?

Life is complex and so are human relations. Often, people do not reveal themselves fully and it is up to us to find out who they are, what they present and the place they deserve in our lives.

Since having quality relationships is a huge blessing and a necessity of sorts, it is up to us to do some investigation of our own to help verify and sort our associations.

I have realized that able to “read” energy, is a great way to gain clarification on who people are and how they feel about us.

Listen To What Is NOT Being Said

Energy is spiritual life force. A person’s energy is their essence, it’s their inner condition or vibe as far as life, you and others are concerned. A person’s energy cannot be masked into something that it is not. Energy does not pretend.

It is not uncommon for certain people to proclaim friendship and love for us, while their hearts host a sanctuary of negative sentiments toward us. Their negative emotions may stem from:

  • A sense of entitlement – you didn’t do this or that for them, so they are low-key upset at you;
  • Envy – they secretly loathe certain qualities and accomplishments of yours e.g. your blessings, works, status/position, or network/networth;
  • Criticism – they are fixated on pointing out your shortcomings and “fixing” them. At the back of their minds, they are thinking of you, “Who does she think that she is?!” “What does he think he is?!”
  • Resentment – they are carrying some kind a grudge against you… that you may be unware of.
  • Inferiority complex – somewhere in their minds they feel intimidated by an aspect of your history, present or future.

You Feel It, Take It Seriously

Whether subtle or strong, their vibe toward you is negative and uncomfortable. It is often unspoken.

You will sense it… it’s in their energy. Take what you are sensing seriously. Do not ignore it.

When we continue to force friendships and interactions where vibes are negative, ignoring universal signals that all is not well, the result is discomfort, stress and anxiety, quarreling, lack of honor, and increased toxicity that is energy draining.

Such negativity becomes like an active gas in a closed container that must find its way out. It will burst forth when the chance arises.

Needing to express and liberate their inner feelings, people who harbor negativity toward us typically grab at any opportunity to prove their point… to “pay you back”, and/or embarrass you because that’s truly how they feel.

This can be hurtful to a surprised you, because you thought that they were “down for you” just as you are down for them.

However… had you been sensitive to energy, you would have seen it coming. The signs were there all along… in how they spoke to you (sentence construction), in the tone of their voice, how they slighted you in public, and/or in the questions they posed to you “jokingly”.

So, be careful and take your intuitions seriously before you get hurt and embarrassed.

The Real Ones

And then… there is the pure energy. Those with whom the love and respect wavelength is strong, clean and clear. Though you may have misunderstandings and arguments as is normal in relationships, you still know that they genuinely love you and harbor no ill feelings toward you. You will feel clear and pure energy from them, even in the face of ups and downs. They love you, you love them; they truly appreciate and value you, you feel same… the vibe isn’t tainted. You don’t feel judged or threatened. You don’t even have to be at your best to earn that positive flow of energy.

We feel this in certain lifelong friendships, close parent-child/sibling/relative bonds, soulmates, even some colleagues, business partners and clients, with whom we enjoy an easy trustful working relationship.

Clear Up Your Vibes First

The work starts with us and in us. As individuals, it is important for us to work on ourselves and on our energy. What are we feeling, why are we feeling so? How can we clean up our energy spheres so that we can project pure light and healthy vibes toward others? As we develop and grow in this area, we gain better sensitivity and are able to exist in a healthy space with others.

Next time you are unable to decipher a person or their motives, or are unfeeling uncomfortable in your interactions with someone, step back and tune into the energy sphere. Ask God to reveal them to you. If you are spiritually sound and untainted yourself, you will receive a clear spiritual energetic revelation.

Cheers to allowing energy to speak to us and direct us.



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