Your Passions will lead you directly to Purpose

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Sports has always been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. I wasn’t your typical in-your-face type athlete, but I loved getting involved in sports activities and staying active.

I joined our secondary school volleyball team during my early teen years and became a Sports Prefect later on; continuing on with volleyball into University.

Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School, Mankon-Bamenda, Cameroon; volley ball team. (Year 1991 or so…)

I do believe that had I grown up in these parts of the world (USA) and had access to resources, support and opportunities to develop as an athlete, I would have gone much further with my volleyball “career” as my kids would describe it *smiles*. Oh well.

University of Buea, Cameroon; volleyball team

So, exercise is a deep-seated passion of mine, which I feel blessed to share and highlight. I hope that I am able to inspire you and everyone I come in contact with to make exercise and fitness a regular part of your lives… for reasons I have shared in my videos and blog posts for years.

Here are some videos to watch:

Your Passions do not leave you

Have you noticed how our passions always somehow find a way to surface or re-surface? When something is part of you, you will know because it never completely goes away even with the passing years. The question becomes, what are you going to do about it… or with it?

We just need to pay attention to that vibrating pulse inside of us (passion) and to tap into our gifts to make a difference that only us can make, keeping in mind that “your Passions will lead you directly to Purpose”, as I shared in the video How To Find & Connect With Your Passions:


Do not hold back.

Go for it! The world needs you.


University of Buea, Volleyball team
Me and my team mates

I hope that today’s blogpost inspires you to honor your passions, and to feel good when doing so.

Cheers to your success!…. remember, I am your Number 1 Fan!


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