Surround yourself with Items of your Calling for success


That baseball glove!

You know, you can tell how much a person is passionate about a thing by what they surround themselves with. I kid you not, if you walk into our home on any given day, you will easily pickup on the fact that my kids are athletes. For example, you will find my sons’ baseball gear at the most unexpected places – table tops, kitchen counters, on the sofa, by the door, etc. Although we try to keep a tidy home, baseball gloves, balls, bats, belts and caps have become our regular companions.

This has made me realize the bond that exists between purpose and the items that represent not only what we do, but also our calling. For example, an avid reader/writer is usually surrounded by books, a fashion designer by samples and equipment like sewing machines, a doctor or nurse by their stethoscope, a deeply religious person by their bible or even rosary, a fitness trainer by weights, a musician by their guitar or piano, etc.

These items are never far from their reach.



I find this propensity to be in line with Jack Cranfield’s 38th Success principle: Fuel Your Success with Passion and Enthusiasm.

When you are surrounded by the products/items that you are passionate and enthusiastic about, your zeal to work hard and excel is constantly fueled. You find yourself tirelessly inspired to keep on going. Your passion becomes you. This helps with consistency and hence continuous growth. People may wonder how come you have not quit… well, that’s because your passion/work are an intricate part of your life.

Your passion will also become contagious to those around you – they will become more interested and will start asking questions. They will even go the extra mile of supporting you more – which is especially important to the entrepreneur.

I wrote about the importance of being what I describe ‘living proof of your work’ in my book How To Work For Yourself: Discover The Success Principles I Learned From Being Self-Employed For 20 Years:

enthusiasm and your dreams

What are you surrounded by?

The reason why some people may not fancy being surrounded by items that remind them of their work is because they do not like what they do. So those reminders become stressors, instead of “animators”.

So, I hope today’s blog post has you asking yourself some important questions. Such as, are your surroundings representative of your passions? Do you allow yourself to feel the pulse of purpose through articles around your home and office. When people come around you, what do they see? Are they able to connect with your calling? Or are your dreams hidden away and un-accessible?

You see, being constantly surrounded by products, services and items that are representative of your work has major perks – it keeps you motivated, inspires others, increases your self-belief, helps others take you seriously, and also gets you the support you need!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Leave a comment…

Cheers to your success.



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