New Look!! My Blog has been Revamped after 10 Years

Lema's new Blog Look

Wowwww… Dear family, welcome to the new BLOG FACE2FACE!!!

What do you think about the blog’s new look?

I feel excited and reinvigorated by the new feel and appearance; it even makes me feel more inspired to blog! It was certainly time to make some solid improvements. While some of the changes involve design, we also went as far as changing the hosting framework to one that is lighter and fresher.

You will notice that the blog is more reader friendly and easier on the eyes. You can also search topics and find them more easily. We decided to keep the same simple streamlined look since that differentiates a blog experience from your typical website browsing, making it beautiful and uncomplicated.

This is actually the first time in 10 years of blogging that major changes have been made here. Now it suddenly feels like a whole new different blog… which has me looking forward to writing more, and hopefully has you inspired to visit more often as well!

You see, change can spark new energy. It doesn’t always have to be major; it could simply be a switch-up in your work environment, some redecoration at home, going out to a different restaurant, trying something new and fun in life, etc.

It’s always possible to spice things up, and of course, it’s never too late to make some needed changes. Aaron Ross says, “Just take any step, whether small or large. And then another and repeat day after day. It may take months, maybe years, but the path to success will become clear.”

And hey, if that change is going to require effort, don’t let that discourage you. I can testify that I haven’t gotten much sleep in the past couple of days of working on this and making sure that the migration happened seamlessly; and we’re not even completely done yet. Remember Ann Landers’ quote which states, “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.”

And then Winston Churchill reminds us, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Feel free to browse the blog, drop some comments and of course, tell friends about Face2Face With Success, where we are exploring success one article at a time! If you notice typos, please don’t take them too seriously … you know the blog is like a journal, and often mistakes happen *wink!*

Thank you for stopping by and happy browsing.


  1. You never cease to amaze me, when I think that I have seen it all, you come up again anew. Like you stated Winston Churchhill said “ To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” You are a true picture of that speech. You are always changing. Proud of you, thanks for being a beacon of light for many to follow. I love you ❤️.

    1. Thank so much big brother, I am glad you enjoy reading the blog. I appreciate you for being a real-life inspiration to me.

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