How to Visualize: Do this Vision Exercise with me

Before you can get to the places you strive to be in, you need to be able to see yourself there first. This is why successful leaders often visualize.

The following text is from my latest book How To Work For Yourself:


“How so? How can a person begin to turn their dream into reality?” One may ask.
By defining and developing a clear vision from your dreams. A clearly defined vision adds the reality branch to what may have just been a fantasy or a wish, because from this clear vision, you can then set goals.


Work on this exercise with me…

  • You have a dream, right? What is your dream? What would you rather be doing with your time? These can range from career and work-related dreams to lifestyle dreams. For example, you dream of building your own successful business; working your way up to a higher managerial position at work; getting involved in humanitarian work; living in a gated community; buying a home for your parents; falling in love and starting a family; traveling around the world.
  • Internalize and hold on to your dream. Do not dismiss it. Allow yourself to feel the excitement of it.
  • Create a vision from your dream. Lay in bed and see yourself living in that gated community; on your daily commute, visualize yourself being promoted at work with all your colleagues clapping and cheering for you; in your mind, see the grand opening of your business – your friends, family, and community members are walking in through the doors of your establishment after the ribbon has been cut, their eyes are beaming with pride.
  • What steps do you need to take? What are some immediate things you need to tackle to start bringing your vision to life? It’s time to get busy!

(Excerpt from Chapter 7 of my book HOW TO WORK FOR YOURSELF: DISCOVER THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES I LEARNED FROM BEING SELF-EMPLOYED FOR 20 YEARS, pg 147, 148-149; Available on Amazon:




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