I went back to school… and it’s been tough, but also fun




This is what being an entrepreneur, a full-time parent, and then going back to school looks like (above photo). After a full day, you still have to put in the hours studying; knowing that it will pay off eventually because learning is self- and career- improvement at their best.

Yes, I decided to go back to school and I am studying for a Masters degree in Accounting. smiles. Guess what? The last time I was in school was some 23 years ago big smiles. So you can imagine how different it feels.

Actually, many adults in our generation are not holding back from furthering their education.

I found the following statistics (2015-2016) by the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study to be pretty interesting: More than one in five college students in the U.S. are parents. Of the 3.8 million students who were raising children at the time while in college, 70 percent were mothers and 30 percent were fathers. Most of the mothers were single parents, while most of the dads were married (https://iwpr.org/publications/parents-college-numbers/).

Wow, those numbers are interesting. Congratulations to all (especially moms like me), who are continuing to step up their game, knowing that it is never too late and you can absolutely take steps to better yourself whenever you decide.


Getting into student mode has been quite a challenge though. You know, that frame of mind where you are studying for the sake of learning… not to make money, or mentor others, or to understand a new leadership skill for work, but simply because you are a student who has to master that course and pass it. Teaching myself to zoom in and study is taking some time, but we are getting there. The 2 things that are working in my favor are the fact that I love the subject matter (accounting is very interesting but also quite technical), and I do have the work ethic to give this my best (you always have to remind yourself that you can).

Like in any venture that one takes on, one has to adopt a new outlook and some new habits for success:

  1. Keep the big picture in mind; i.e. why are you doing this and why is it necessary for you to excel. For some it could be that furthering their education will lead to a promotion at your current job, or will allow you to change careers into a field that you are passionate about, or like in my case as an entrepreneur, it opens up the possibility to expand your current business into yet another niche.
  2. Have a clear timeline in mind. So, you do not intend to be in school forever, right? You have to run as fast as possible to get that degree in order to step up to the next level. You have responsibilities, and much depends on you making it. So be clear about the number of years you need to put into this. Working on your degree or certification with focus and a sense of urgency will mean completing your degree in the time you aim for.
  3. Give yourself a pat on the back. Many people find themselves stuck where they are and are afraid to move forward. You are not one of those. The fact that you are taking steps that are progressive shows your determination to make the best of the many opportunities ahead for you. There will be times when you feel disheartened… for example, when you are faced with that assignment that is due and you have to find the time to complete it, remember to self-motivate!

If you are feeling the need to gain further formal or any type of education, go for it! Do not be held back or discouraged by your current responsibilities, which are probably numerous. Come up with a plan, stay focused and follow through for success.

If I can do it, you can do it also.

If you are reading this blog post and have gone back to school or did go back to school to pursue studies as an adult, please leave a comment and share some tips. I and other blog readers, look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers to your success! 💐



  1. Wow! Going back after 23 years? This is a motivation… But how are you coping with system since its been a while, do you find it easy to read?

  2. Thank you Felix. It’s not been that easy. I have to re-train myself to study, and to not wait till the last minute to send in assignments… lol. I’m in Semester 2 now and loving the challenge.

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