“Moving Toward” Your Dreams can be more powerful than “Walking Away” from…

Abby meet 2

Dear Champions, welcome to the blog. 

I was inspired to write this post by the above photo. When you first look at it, what comes to mind?

Us walking away… is what comes to mind for me.

In actuality, we (my niece and I) were walking to this facility to watch my daughter compete at a track meet. My sister took the photo from behind us. I was simply going to post it on Instagram and Facebook, but the significance of how the image needed to be correctly captioned versus what it seemed like had me thinking a lil bit more deeply.

Somehow, this image manages to impress upon my mind the difference between moving/walking TOWARD a place versus walking AWAY FROM from some other place.

Saying "we were walking toward the track and field stadium to watch Abby run," has a strong sense of direction to it, instead of the image saying, "they were walking away from… the parking lot." You know what I mean?

This difference in interpretation made me realize the power in moving toward a thing… a goal, a dream, or a place. This is much like having a desire in your heart that you decide to pursue. What happens is, you begin to move toward it. Your intention is very clear, "this is where I am going."

For example, business-wise: I am looking to increase my customer base. Or career-wise, I am focused on getting a promotion to that managerial position. How about the student who says, "my goal is to ace all my courses so I can graduate high school and make it to a highly ranked college."

On a personal level, you may have arrived at a point where you decide, all I want is peace of mind. Or you may be at the juncture of, I am focused on building a family (i.e. getting married, having kids, etc). Or ummm, you may even be all the way to the opposite end, interested in only having fun and no serious relationships.

As you can see, moving toward a desire or a goal presents a clear path ahead to focus on. It also creates a strong sense of commitment to that place where you desire to be.

This sense of commitment to a desire can be a more motivating factor than moving AWAY FROM something (that which you desire not). It is also lighter and can be more fun.

So, maybe instead of saying, "I am walking away from toxic people", you can just decide, "Lord, I need me some inner peace!" As you move toward or commit to having inner peace, the path ahead clears up. This not only distances you from toxic people automatically, you also find yourself repelling anxiety-causing relationships and circumstances that create unnecessary stress for you. More importantly, your desire for inner peace inspires that which comes with wanting that glorious tranquil life, for example, spending more time doing what you love, trying not to make a big deal out of stuff, forgiving others (and yourself) more easily, pampering yourself more, etc.

Instead of saying, "Gosh, I hate this low-paying job, I am leaving!" Think more along the lines of … "I am going to find work that is more in line with my great potential." You see, this changes the tone. This line of thought is clearer. If the conditions are not in place for you to get that dream job, you will then begin to ask yourself what you need to do to put those conditions in place… is it go back to school, reach out to some people that can help you? Something! 

You see, you are moving toward a desire, a dream, a passion.

Abby meet-1

So, yes, this image surely was significant because we were walking to this event to share in this wonderful track and field experience with our daughter and cheer her on.

On top of that, it was super memorable because for the first time my sister who lives in Sweden got to watch our daughter run live.

Abby meet-4

My sis took some awesome photos which we are going to share in a photo video like the one we did on our trip to Orlando.



Please stay tuned for the next video by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

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