Identify Your Power Points And Use Them

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As you may be aware, I recently did a video post on the importance of identifying what I call your Power Points and using them to make an impact.

Your Power Points are those areas where you are most gifted, those natural skills you are born with. For example, some people are naturally good with numbers, doing research or teaching; others are great at mechanical stuff such as figuring out how car and airplane engines work; some are good creatively – in video making, writing, singing, the arts, public speaking, etc; others are natural athletes and coaches; some are excellent coordinators, negotiators, team builders. Some are great at hospitality – chefs, travel agents and concierges; others make excellent caretakers – nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers; etc, etc. As you can see, individual human gifts are multiple and varied.

Identify Your Gifts and Use Them

“I was blessed with certain gifts and talents and God gave them to me to be the best person I can be and to have a positive impact on other people.” – Bryan Clay

Here are a few points to remember:

  • What you are naturally good at is where you are most authentically powerful. These are your Power Points.
  • Your Power Points need nurturing. As you know, there is no success without hard work. Being successful requires investing in your gifts, working to grow and develop them, and then growing/progressing with them. 
  • You are at your most powerful when taping from your Power Points because they come naturally. Your power points represent you at your best. No one can take this away from you; you are very much in control of how far you want to go when operating from these core strengths.
  • There is alignment with God and the universe when we are taping from and into this natural power source for success. It seems like the road we walk becomes clearer; The struggles we face on the success journey lose their power to deter us. We enjoy a life of passion, vision and the joy of living purposefully.



I encourage you to identify your Power Points and structure your work around them.

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