Snow in Atlanta… oh yeah!

Believe it or not there is snow in Atlanta!

Whenever I hear the word snow and Atlanta in the same sentence I just think, “oh whatever, they WISH it was gonna snow down here”, but today was different. Ummm, the Weather man was right. 

What a great surprise to wake up to! Looking out the window and seeing everything covered in white snow that glistens in the light is such a wonderful sight. Another one of God’s great creations.

So we took these photos to share with you…

Snow in atlantaWhites and Greens; Ice and Warmth


Atlanta snow 2Baby boy said he wanted to feel the snow


Atlanta snow 4Sun light on Snow flakes


Atlanta snow 1Daughter said "you can tell we live out in the country"… smiles


Atlanta snow 3

MailboxIce on Mailboxes


What a beautiful world we are blessed with.

Thank you for stopping by… and Cheers to your Success

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