I Unplugged and Turned to Nature for Inspiration

Hello Family.

I received a Facebook message from a friend in Nigeria this morning that read: "Good afternoon Lema, what happen that you are out from your inspirational words to us".

Awww… This is true…and I am sorry. I haven't been consistent in sharing inspirational words these past days. Like many, I have been bogged down by recent horrifying events around the world – shootings, bombings, hurricanes and other natural disasters, etc; especially in my home country Cameroon where there is ongoing brash abuse and killing of citizens in certain regions of the country. This hits very close. One of the regions affected is where I grew up. I have shared some thoughts on my personal Facebook page.

So, I am working on realigning, on re-motivating self. Like many (and as happens often in life), I have to re-emerge from the fog of a burdened mind, and get back to the normal rhythm of things.

What did I do? I went jogging at the park (which is my favorite method of exercise, of releasing anxiety and catching up with self). This gave me the opportunity to commune with the universe and simply be.

I wanted to notice and experience every beautiful thing about nature on this glorious day.

I wasn't going to jog though. I just made myself walk, breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly in appreciation. 

Nature inspiration

The day was bright and the air fresh. The blue skies with white patches of clouds were beautiful and calming. 

Ducks in shade

I loved the ducks by the pond and how some of them peacefully lazed around under the shade of this tree. It was all so peaceful.

It reminded me of those quiet afternoons back home when I stayed with my grandmother in the village, and elders would sit in the shade during the day drinking palm wine and discussing the affairs of the land.

…As mentioned in this article I wrote about AFRICA

Hello my friend

Hello my friend! Yes, I made some friends and took a selfie with Duck… hahaha, oh well.

Touches of color

There hasn't been much rain in Atlanta lately. Although the soil is dry and the grass patchy, plants are still coloring. These beautiful splashes of color were amazing to behold.

Glare of the sun

I gazed up at the sun and appreciated its intense yellow glare. 

Gazing at the sun reminded me that when we focus on blessings, we can be blinded by how strong and rich they are. That our blessings are plentiful and all around us. Why not take time to enjoy them and bask in the warm energy that they put out.


The combination of water and nature was so soothing, and I couldn't help day-dreaming. It reminded me of how much I would love to live on the beach one day sooooon!.. smiles. On a serious note, a house on the beach is one of my life goals.

Running sign

"Always lock your vehicle and take the keys with you." It occurred to me that we often have to lock our minds and shield them from troubling information so as to remain functional and creative human beings. Not because we do not care, but because our minds function better when we feel at ease with the world. Whether you are a nurse, a blogger, a politician, an educator, the work you do is important. Feeling burdened stifles our ability to perform properly at work. Many are relying on us, we have to produce, so we learn to release that which is stressful, and re-focus in order to be productive.

So if you are feeling burdened by the news or any other occurrences in your life, nature has a solution… and it is free!

Go for a walk and enjoy.

Cheers to your success!


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