Watch this Video for Realignment: “The Better You Feel, The More You Allow,” Abraham Hicks

The better you feel, the more you allow

Do you feel uncomfortable with taking the easy way? Yes, the easy way.

What is the easy way?

Are you that leader that is constantly on the go? Whose to-do-list is filled and overflowing with work and various responsibilities?

You love what you do, right? You feel blessed to be living in purpose, right? So why do you find yourself working hard and having success, but unable to feel settled enough to simply enjoy?

There was a time when all I did was chase 'success', I mastered success formula after success formula, met goals, experienced business growth and all that good stuff. 

However, I wasn't completely feeling settled in my being. Although things looked good to the eye, I was feeling overwhelmed. What was the glass ceiling I was experiencing spiritually?

I was missing something, and that something had nothing to do with material accomplishment. To tell the truth, even the messages I was getting from church were not helping that much.

I realized that I was facing a challenge that many leaders are often forced to deal with – I wasn't feeling balanced, I couldn't bring myself to just be, relaxing was difficult (even more difficult than work).

I had come to that stage where life was seeking to teach me that I couldn't do it all and that there was lots to be reaped from doing nothing; from taking care of myself and simply ALLOWING.

A friend and mentor must have understood the place I was in and they sent me this video of Abraham Hicks' Rampage  — when I heard the words "THE BETTER YOU FEEL, THE MORE YOU ALLOW…", understanding began to dawn, relaxation started to set in.

Blogging allows me to share these personal success and life lessons with you. So I am happy to share this message that has in many ways been life-changing to me…



"It is necessary for you to tend to the well-being of your personal self, in order to be a productive advocate for the well-being of anyone else"

"The receptive mode is everything… When you are in the receptive mode, you are in the replenishing mode, and when you are in the replenished mode, then you have good timing; ideas come to you…everything rendez-vous for you"

"Is there power in satisfaction? … Do you associate 'trying' with action or thinking? … Do you need to try to think better thoughts, or do you need to relax into better thoughts?"

"I give in to my ultimate well-being"

Tell me, what did you take away from Rampage?

Cheers to your success!



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  1. I know what you mean about not feeling settled in your own “being”. I used to be a big fan of Hicks stuff, not so much anymore though after I heard she was a cranky old woman in person haha

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