Character Builder: Bringing Out The Best in Others Starts with… me!

Leadership believe
A great leader brings out the best in others. However, in order to bring out the best in others, the leader has to first recognize and develop the best in themselves.
This is possible when we have the discipline to work on (and "fix") ourselves. Part of this work will involve helping ourselves move pass personal insecurities blinding us to the good in and needs of others.
In working on ourselves, common fears such as 'the fear of putting others first' begin to disappear because we are increasing in self-esteem and confidence, and the world no longer revolves around us ("me"). 
…an ongoing process
Leadership is generally building uP. Starting with those the leader works with, or is surrounded by – friends, family members, lovers, partners, etc. In a work setting, the questions to focus on become… What are your team members' strengths? How can you help them become better, hence increasing the team's productivity?
As the leader works on recognizing, developing and magnifying the good in others, the world around them glows brightly, and becomes full of possibilities. They are viewing life through a positive lens that is full of the promise of expansion due to an optimistic outlook.
Such leaders are capable of seeing, recognizing and developing POTENTIAL because they are in touch with the best in themselves and in others. Their networks and projects grow.

But wait! This is not going to come easy. You may find yourself in a challenging circumstance that does not necessarily make your mission easy. There will be those around you who focus on the negative and even try to make you feel bad about yourself and life in general. In fact, this is very common and is the reason why most people find it hard to see the good in anything around them, and are held back from growing pass current circumstances and obstacles.

However, a key discipline that every great leader acquires on their success journey is being able to deliberately rise above forces seeking to hold them and others back – be it physically, mentally or even spiritually; and to remove themselves from the presence of negative pessimistic opinions and voices.

You just have to know who you are and where you are heading. Always remember that great leaders are stubborn believers in themselves. Especially in today's world, where nothing is handed to anyone, not even their self-esteem.

Be a mentor not a bos

My challenge for you this week is: pick-up THE GOOD in everything that happens today and during the rest of the week, dwell more and more on it. And watch the world (and people) around you expand in THE GOOD you have decided to focus on.
As you seek to bring out the best in others and to help them connect with their destinies, your light will shine brighter and the stars will line up perfectly for you. What a beautiful win-win situation for you the leader.
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Cheers to your success!

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