Simply Living In The Moment in 2017 — Why You Should Too

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Dear Blog family, HAPPY NEW YEAR! How have you and yours been doing? I hope 2017 is off to a great start. 

It's almost the end of January and I am only now composing my first post of the year (*sad face!*). For those who missed me, I am so sorry for the lapse and I missed you too (*smiles*).

Life changes, we change and sometimes patterns change also. This is probably the first year since I started blogging in 2009 that I did not put up a New Year's Day message here on the blog. However, I did share well-wishes with you on my social media handles. I hope you were able to read them.

It's a pleasure writing this morning. Actually, I feel very much alive when I'm writing (and I miss it when I'm not able to, mainly due to work responsibilities). I remain very thankful to you for reading.

2017 started off somewhat differently for me. More along the lines of spending quality time off-line, with loved ones, forming new relationships (wow, have I met some amazing people!) and actually being present IN THE NOW.

2017 – The Year Of Living In The Now!

I am one of those who in past years has found myself running, multi-tasking, and then running some more, achieving goal after goal and chasing after the ever-expanding dream. Now, I find that pausing in the present moment to be fully engaged in the current activity (note activitY not activitIES) is equally very important for success.

Simply making the choice to live in the moment leads to great fulfillment. This means that one is choosing to live life, for the joys of life are found in the now, in this moment… in experiencing the excitement of a text message notification from a loved one, in watching your child perform in the choir, in having a light conversation with a neighbor, in reaching out to a friend, in taking the time to smile at the person you are crossing paths with, in tuning into the discussion with a colleague, in sharing your business plan with a prospective sponsor, etc. The now matters most.

So how do you fully enjoy the now? First by appreciating it and being thankful for the opportunity to be present in it. Secondly by avoiding "worry" – worrying about the next minute or what should have been; worrying about tomorrow or even yesterday. Yesterday is past, tomorrow is yet to come, the now is here to be savored.

There is beauty in the now. There is power in the now. There is promise in the now. Tap into the now for happiness and sow the seeds of your success in this present moment.

How do you sow good seeds in this moment? By having positive expectations and intentionally choosing to focus on the good aspects of any and every situation.


Making a choice to live this way has tremendously changed my life and outlook. I find that I am more at peace and way more productive.

You will find that as you adopt a more positive outlook, positive (like-minded) people are drawn into your circle and doors of life-changing opportunities will open up, leading to progress and both personal and career/business growth.

So, my challenge for you this new year is practice living in the moment (if you aren't already doing so) for a few weeks and then let me know how you feel. If you are going through some tough times and need help zooming into the positives of life, reach out and I will be glad to share some tips and ideas with you!

A Year Of Finding Balance

I'm not sure if it's just me, or if you have also noticed the tension on social media these days; the fear, agitation and uncertainty in our evolving world. In a conversation with my younger brother the other day, he said social media has become "depressing". I agree. So many of our freedoms are being challenged and large segments of the population are demanding the better they deserve.

It is important to be able to unplug from the barrage of information, to find a time and space from which to draw inspiration and continue your work productively. More than ever before, one has to be careful not to lose focus, but to also be there for those who need us. Finding that balance may be our biggest challenge in these times, especially for the community-involved leader.

I find that one has to deliberately pause and not allow themselves to be swept into fast-moving tides away from your calling. Be clear about your goals this year 2017 and move solidly, purposefully on the path of your calling as a leader and world citizen.

I wish you lots of happiness and prosperity in 2017. Living in the moment and enjoying the now makes all possible.

Cheers to your success!


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