Do Not Leave Your Happiness Up To Chance! Nature has perfected this art

"Goals – including happiness goals – do not materialize by themselves. It takes work and effort to accomplish our goals daily."

Make success happen


Success and happiness do not just happen, neither do they fall into our laps most of the time. 

I'll like us to discuss a different kind of success today; one that does not involve material things, but rather how we feel – our happiness! Just as we have been taught to strive for professional excellence, it is also important to pay attention to our general well-being – are you feeling satisfied, are you at peace with yourself (regardless of what's going on around you), do you feel joy and contentment?

After years of hard-work, of many milestones attained in our careers, family-life, community interactions, etc, we may have found ourselves wondering: "I work hard, I try to make the right decisions, why can't I just be happy?".

One starts to realize that happiness does not by itself flow to us, we have to be intentional in making sure it is a part of our existence by creating conditions that are conducive for it, making room for joy and satisfaction. It was the Dalai Lama who once said, "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."

Sometimes we find ourselves believing that certain good things we desire are beyond our reach; that we are doomed victims of life and of others whose actions cause us pain and duress. That is so not the case! I hope that after reading today's post, you will come to the full realization that your happiness and success are all in your hands. They really are.

I also hope that you will be inspired to seek inspiration from nature that surrounds us and offers an abundance of elements to make us happy. As I myself am learning to do, by simply paying attention and being present in the moment. I hope that you will set a goal to be happy no matter what.

Day-break and Well-being

I woke up early the other day and decided to watch the day break. I was curious, I wanted to see how morning approaches upon the night and takes over.

I watched as light rays slowly but resolutely crept into the sky from hill tops through the leaves of trees, spreading across clouds slowly but surely, dissipating the darkness. The earth lit up with brighter and brighter hues of color as night melted into morning; the air was filled with a fresh sense of peace and hopefulness.

It didn't however end there, the sun's rays started to peep through lightening skies – shy at first and then stronger. And before I knew it, we were in broad daylight. Whether mon-DAY, tues-DAY, wednes-DAY, etc — here we were, a brand new DAY! 

While for some the alarm had gone off, reminding them to jump out of bed into programmed activities, and as others said a prayer and breathed in the fresh morning air, I paused to ponder on what I had just experienced. 

In watching the daybreak, we can truly appreciate the strength and consistency of nature… and how we have even come to take it for granted that daylight shall come and we shall live another day.

What if daylight did not come, what if nature failed in her consistency and morning faltered in taking over the night? Imagine the chaos, the uncertainty and despair.

Thus is our well-being and success — these require consistent effort and some determination to be present in our lives everyday.

Following are 3 happiness pointers we shouldn't leave up to chance:

1) Invite Happiness in with Determination! Our happiness should not be left up to chance, just as daylight does not just happen boom! out of the blue. Nature has perfected the art of a consistent effort behind the giving up of darkness for the light of day that enables human beings to go about active day-to-day living.

In the same way, should we be intentional when it comes to our well-being: daily (through prayers, meditation, etc) inviting all that is good into our existence and space – happiness, purposeful living, fulfillment, joy – while letting go of that which disturbs and perturbs us. 

We should not allow ourselves to become victims of negativity that may come our way in various forms such as disappointments, let-downs, and even ill-health, but rather become involved in the conscious repelling and flushing out of toxicity, replacing darkness with light, love, laughter and joy in all aspects of our lives. Also letting go of unhealthy relationships to make room for healthy ones.

Regardless of what you are going through – professionally or personally, be constantly open and receptive to that which ushers in well-being, and be less willing to put up with that which doesn't.

For the leader is most productive when they are at their happiest.

2) Bid Uncertainty farewell with Resolve. In order for progress to take place, we have to let go of doubt and uncertainty. The morning light is always determined to take over the darkness and surely does. Yes, certain decisions may not always be easy to make (especially life changing ones), and uncertainty can be very present when we're trying to move forward and advance. However, it is important to recognize that uncertainty and success do not go hand-in-hand. So take time to make up your mind and then move forward resolutely.

With determination, take steps every single day to build your business, develop your career and grow as an individual. 

3) Stay focused for Greatness. Stay focused on goals. These goals can be as basic as "I'm only going to operate from a positive frame of mind today", to "today is the day I go for that big sale!"

Regardless of how overwhelming or complex your situation may be, set happy/progressive/well-being-infused daily goals and direct energy toward achieving them. Then you will realize how these compound into new habits and success that feels good.

Next time you feel like life is getting a bit complicated, make yourself watch (and enjoy) the next day-break. It's pretty amazing. And reminds us that life is full of new beginnings and pleasant continuations.

Prioritize your well-being and be happy!

Invite success in

Cheers to your success!


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