Recommended & why: THE LAST DAYS OF PTOLEMY GREY by Walter Mosley


Every once in a while, you read a book that moves you and helps put life into perspective. Such was the case when I read THE LAST DAYS OF PTOLEMY GREY by Walter Mosley. I must say the author's writing ability, story flow and life lessons entrenched in the novel added up for a very impressive read. For me personally, it provided an insight into what a person suffering from dementia may be experiencing, and at the same time, it enables one to appreciate the moments that we have now.

For anyone who hasn't read the book, I am holding back from revealing more as it comes highly recommended. It was widely speculated back in 2011 that actor Samuel L Jackson was going to star in a movie adaptation of the story. No concrete announcements have since been made.

So, here's the review of THE LAST DAYS OF PTOLEMY GREY I wrote for DUNIA Magazine. 


BR Ptolemy Grey by Lema


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