Mid-day exercise may be the answer for greater productivity

"Creativity has always depended on openness and flexibility, so let us hope for more of both in the future." – Siri Hustvedt


Dear reader. I hope you are having a fantastic beginning of the week. Just thought to drop a few words about flexibility and how to make it work for you exercise-wise.

For those who are self employed or work from home, flexibility of schedule is often a highly treasured bonus. You are the boss and you make the rules, especially if you own your business. That being said, entrepreneurs also tend to be under pressure to create results that drive growth and pay the bills. How we handle stress and anxiety helps increase productivity. Exercise is one way to do so. 

Recently, I have been walking/running regularly. What do I find most special about this? One gets to spend FREE time with nature – quiet, fresh, rejuvenating, meditative.

Walking/jogging/running has wonderful mental and physical health benefits. When I made the decision to take my running seriously a few months ago, mornings worked better. But then, there were days when I couldn't fit exercise in early. So, instead of allowing this to become a source of anxiety, it was time to come up with some solutions.

"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach." – Tony Robbins


I have found out lately that going out exercising in the middle of the day actually makes for a great mid-day break. While others are rushing out for a quick lunch at work, you can simply head out to the park for a walk. 

When you cultivate the habit of starting your day early, i.e. on your desk by 8:00 a.m, you find that by noon the body is demanding a break. This actually works out perfectly during cooler months which offer little threat of hot, sunny afternoons.

Mid-day exercise greatly helps the mind regroup and prepares you for the second half of your day.


A flexible approach to exercise maintains motivation. The next time you feel stressed or frustrated, head out to the park for a walk/run. 


 Stay healthy and cheers to your success!



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