Community Service on our church’s Ministry Tsunami day. Here are some photos we took

Unleashing a wave of compassion into the community was the goal of this year's Ministry Tsunami at Eagles Landing First Baptist Church in Atlanta. 2,500 people (church members and friends) were today mobilized to serve the community in some form… feeding the homeless; visiting nursing homes, disabled veterans and their families; cleaning parks, schools and cemeteries; fellowship-ing at police precincts; and more (adding up to about 300 projects to my understanding). The goal: putting love in action and extending the love of Christ into the community.

It was exciting to commit and work with other members of our church family in serving the community. 

Here are some photos the kids and I took:


Heading out to church. Abby's friend Savannah was spending the weekend with us. 

The kids and I were happy to be part of Ministry Tsunami (Twitter: #MinTsu15), the first one. Giving back is important in spreading love and sharing blessings. 



Pastor Tim making announcements just before members went out into the community.

I made notes during last week's service when the pastor spoke about love and the importance of giving back. He said (1)- Love breaks down barriers. It does not make excuses. (2)- Love is not always reasonable, but it is always right to love. (3)- Love goes the extra mile.

"What we give we keep, what we keep we lose."



Casting Crowns performance to kick off today's community service.




We volunteered at Heritage Park, spreading bales of straw.



Proud of the kids, they took this seriously.

Being of service to those in need and to the community at large is really a basic human responsibility. I am hoping the kids grow up understanding that you can work just as hard for others, as you do for yourself and your family.



The award for the most hardworking on the team went to son #1. He is always the leader.

Love is an action word. The theme of the Ministry Tsunami was 'love has hands', inspiring each and everyone of us to reach out and be helpful – to not only preach love, but to walk the walk practically. I thought it was particularly meaningful to have this day of service during thanksgiving week … signifying that another way of showing gratitude is by giving back. 

One more thing I personally took away from this experience is that we can give back in many ways. One doesn't need millions of dollars in the bank to make a difference… by volunteering our time and effort, we can all make a huge impact as well.

It's a blessing to be part of a faith family that strives to impact the community through service and missions.

I hope today's post inspires you to reach out and be a blessing in some form to another. Cheers to your success and thank you for reading!



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