You are significant, that’s why He has “Called” you – TD Jakes

"What gives me fulfillment is not how big it is. It's that it fits my purpose. I'm plugged in, I'm connected to it." – Bishop TD Jakes


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 Do you believe that you are in the right place at the right time? Do you recognize that there are no mistakes in life and God has prepared and positioned you for success?

Have you ever listened to a message and felt like it was speaking directly to your present circumstances? Today's blog post on 'Called' addresses certain realities we encounter in answering the call of leadership. When we come to the realization that nothing in life is an error, that every experience prepares us to fulfill purpose. If you are like me, you may have found yourself wondering — why me? — why now? This is not what I envisioned for myself. This is not where I planned to be. 

But here you are, pulled in an entirely different direction, yet knowing this is where you are meant to be.

I hope you are inspired by Bishop T.D. Jake's message like I was. 




– God calls what is His. 

"The more you recognize who you really are, the less you're willing to be who you were."

"Because He fore-knew you, he predestined an environment that would cause you to be rejected out of several places, so that you would not rest beneath your destiny."

– We don't call anybody that we don't want. And when we make that call, we have a plan, an intention, a purpose. So it is, when God calls us.

"I meant for you not to fit. I had to set you apart." God has prepared and positioned you for greatness. The details are in the prep work He's already done while you were not aware that He was working behind the scenes. The circumstances, the age, the community, how you carry yourself, the people you know – are now right for you to answer the call.

 - Do not define yourself during the process of searching for who you really are and trying to understand why you were born. Give God time to reveal His plan for you.

"Being called into your purpose is a mind-boggling thing. Once you find 'your thing', it satisfies your spirit. So you might make money from it, but the money is NOT the goal, it's a by-product of finding your purpose."

"What gives me fulfillment is not how big it is. It's that it fits my purpose. I'm plugged in, I'm connected to it."

– "The seed doesn't have to be a big thing to be an important thing. … You are trying to get something big because you draw importance from the people. But the art of life is when YOU think what you do is important."

"People thinking that you're important will not raise self esteem. That's why they call it SELF-esteem."

"Learn excellence at your level. Promotion only comes when you are excellent on your level."

It's always a pleasure exploring success with you. Yes, the pieces of the success process seem to be falling into their rightful places the clearer it becomes that we are indeed at the right place at the right time.

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