Why don’t we make August The Month Of Improvement?


"A certificate does not make you certified. Attitude, performance, commitment to self and team — these and a certificate make you certified." – Author Unknown


Life is about growth, change, experiencing new things, reaching for higher heights, expanding our horizons, and celebrating milestones. With these, comes a need to swap old habits for new ones.

On the journey of success, the opening up of new avenues requires the leader to step up several notches in self-improvement so as to sustain the growth they're experiencing personally and in business.

How about we make August The Month of Improvement, where our goal is to improve on various aspects of our lives: our attitude, happiness, relationships, learning, giving, finances, health. 

Breaking of old habits


Improvement means looking inward and making corrections, not pointing fingers at others but coming up with ways to create a better work space for team growth, it means respecting the dignity of others, and choosing to create results instead of making excuses.

Today, August – a new month dawns upon us. Can you believe we're already in the 8th month of the year? I am sure we have all achieved a lot these past 7 months, however, as the champions, we should be striving for more.

Look back at how far you have come, all the fabulous goals you have been able to achieve. Also ask yourself, "what could I have done better, where would I like to be by the end of the year?"

Acquire some new habits that will help you get there (How to Develop Good Habits).

I am excited, it's been a great year so far and I look forward to the next 5 months of 2015. I'm also focusing on a better quality of life – mentally, spiritually and physically. I hope you are too.

Making adjustments is key to making progress. So let's make some positive ones.

God bless and cheers to your success.

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