“Whatever is directing my mind is going to direct my life,” says Paula White


Good morning Face2Face family, I hope today's post helps you reconnect and realign with your true self – you're the leader, the victor — regardless of what's going on around you.

Be the influencer, stand firm in who God has created you to be. By adjusting, readjusting, renewing and changing our thought processes, we can live a life without limitations. 




– My actions are a result of what's in my heart. 

– Inorder to have a quality life, we are to have a quality mind.

– We are responsible for the stewardship of our minds. It's our place to take ownership and responsibility of what goes on in our minds.

– "Don't become a product of what surrounds you. What surrounds you should become a product of how you think"

 - Who I am is what heaven has declared — I am filled with the spirit of God.

– You can't conquer what you don't confront and can't confront what you don't identify. 

– It is important to hear His voice and not allow negative deposits of what others are saying to take over our lives.

– As children of God, created in the image of God in the likeness of His character, we don't have to struggle to love because God is love. What is difficult to do is hate. God is love.

– Choose the treasure and let go of the trash. We are incharge. Stop blaming others about the way things are turning out in our lives. Take ownership.

– Nobody is qualified to determine the value of who we are. Recognize that others don't always treat us accurately, their picture of us is often distorted. However, we must always see ourselves as who were created to be – born to be great.

– We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We ultimately attract to ourselves what we believe about ourselves and what we think we deserve.

– Religion keeps us on the outside, but a personal relationship with God takes you to the inside. Seek to have a personal relationship with God by studying and applying His Word. "The Word is a navigation system, it will lead me into all truth".

– The enemy wants steal your identity so he can kill your authority, but Christ came so we can have life and have it more abundantly.





Cheers to your success!

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