Somewhere there’s a young girl who needs us to help end FGM NOW!


"Female Genital Mutilation or “cutting” is a gross violation of the human rights of girls and women." – Women Are Core



I very much look forward to being on Rockers Corner Radio Show with Sista Dee this coming Tuesday 07/21/15 to discuss an important topic: Female Genital Mutilation.

Why? Because somewhere, at this moment, is a child, a young girl shedding silent tears, weeping bitterly because she's been violated, betrayed by the ones who should be protecting her. She's been circumcized. She's one of millions who were never given a choice, victims of a barbaric traditional (in some cases religious) practice. She needs us to help end FGM now. The next girl does not have to be a victim. It's an unnecessary practice whose effects on girls and women are lifelong and traumatizing. 

Please READ: 2015 FGM Kenya

On how we are helping #EndFGM, connect with Women Are Core

I am very thankful to Sista Dee for the opportunity to discuss FGM on her show. Please join us on Tuesday July 21 at 2PMEST; website:

You will have an opportunity to call in with questions during the show. Thank you and talk with you then.



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