Every disapointment teaches valuable life lessons


DisapointmentHappy Monday! We're in the last days of an increadible July and I am happy to share today's 'Character Builder'. Have you been following these inspirational nuggets on our Facebook page? If not, please LIKE us and expect to read at least 4 of them every week to help strengthen different aspects of the success experience.

Today's builder is: see things as they are, not as we wish them to be.

Things as they are


Expecting others to meet our expectations and getting upset when they don't creates unhealthy tension both at home and in the workplace. It leads to constant letdowns, taking the focus away from important success goals that have been set. Whenever a person gives in to feelings of disappointment, they are filled with negative thoughts that spark unpleasant reactions towards others. This is a potent energy drainer and sure stiffler of success.

Meanwhile, seeing things as they are, especially when goals (ranging from personal happiness to finishing a business related task) have been clearly defined, enables a leader to perform on an even keel. It eliminates emotional ups and downs and helps an individual to be stable, steady, focused and at peace with themselves and others. Individuals who develop the art of seeing things as they are, seldom become victims of their own emotions.

Seeing things as they are, not as we expect them to be connects us with the reality of a situation, making our options clearer.

Many relationships have been ruined because one person acted contrary to "the expectations" of another. This is known to spark emotional meltdowns and insultive outburts. However, a leader who seeks understanding of people, their strengths and weaknesses inorder to foster productive relationships, focuses on a person's actions and learns from them. This is important in choosing who we work with and how.

There is always room for growth, right? So friction in our relationships with others can also be a call for self-examination — where could I have gone wrong? What was my contribution to this misunderstanding? While trying to change others so that they can meet our expectations is often very futile, there's always room for us to develop into better leaders (hence personal growth).


At the end of the day, success is all about results. Understanding people and systems helps in the accomplishment of goals that lead to success. This explains why to the successful leader, every 'disappointment is a blessing', it teaches valuable life lessons.

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