Feel Like Throwing in the Towel? How to Get Rid of Discouragement & Doubt


"Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation." – Michael Jordan



Have you ever questioned your choices, wondered if you were on the right path, felt like giving up, been tempted to throw in the towel? Do you know that these feelings are normal?

Society teaches us to suppress our feelings and to be ashamed of the somewhat "abnormal" ones. But as one grows through life, one realizes that suppressing feelings and emotions is actually detrimental because they always resurface soon after, and we find ourselves fighting the same losing battle over and over. So what do we do? 

Here's how I have learned to wipe out doubt and discouragement:

Do not suppress these unwanted feelings. Feel them, acknowledge them, do not hide or sweep the unwanted under the rug. "Yes, I am at this moment feeling angry, discouraged, doubtful, alone, upset". Cry, vent, wail, go for a long walk, take some time off. We should not be embarrassed — neither should we act these negative feelings out on those around us. 

Do not dwell on them for too long. Recognize that these are unhealthy feelings that will get you nowhere. Recognize that it is up to you to counteract by flushing them out of your system. The problem is that sometimes we embrace discouragement and start feeling sorry for ourselves. This takes away our power. But the moment we realize that we must overcome them, we become infused with new energy. It gives us hope, something to look forward to.

Do something. Counter their influence by acting on an aspect of your business/work plan. Get on a conference call, read a positive article, seek out success tips, attend a local networking event where you will meet like-minded people, get on the phone and talk to a mentor, send out an email blast, write a positive blog post, go out and sell.

Have you ever been in a foul smelling room? What did you do? Normally, we would open up windows to let in fresh air or even excuse ourselves and walk out. Imagine if you pretended the smell was OK, and tried to put up with it. This makes things worse, suffocating. The act of opening up windows means we're taking action, doing something to let out the unpleasant and welcome in the fresh and healthy. It gives you control, power over the unpleasant. 

Always remember why you started in the first place. There is an important goal you have to accomplish, there are people relying on you to finish what was started and you cannot let them down, so you must stay committed until you get to the finish line. This is the mental part that only you are able to do. Become your own psychiatrist.

Always remember how far you have come and remind yourself that having come this far means you are capable, you have what it takes, there must be something special about you. Think of others who have beaten the odds and succeeded in the face of huge obstacles such as (or even bigger than) the ones you are facing. Always remember that leaders self-motivate.

When it comes to doubt and discouragement, we are the only ones that can get ourselves out of the rut. As a leader – you must play the violin, the bass, the viola, flutes and clarinets – you are the conductor and concertmaster of your mind's symphony, and the music you produce has to be just as beautiful to the audience. Hence photo above.

I wish you luck and I am cheering for your success! Please visit my website and create a connection with me www.lemaabeng.com.



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