Who is my Elizabeth?


Ever so often, one reads a piece of writing that stikes a chord. Here is one I read on Facebook this morning posted by a sister Belle Sonkey that I thought to share with you. It speaks to the importance of true friendships. In the qualities of an Elizabeth one can understand why finding a true friend could be quite rare, yet precious. I hope you enjoy reading it as well.

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Who is my Elizabeth?
When Mary, was given the biggest news of her life, she had no husband to confide in. Her first instinct after her visit from the angel of the Lord was to immediately go out and seek Godly counsel from her cousin Elizabeth. 
Mary didn't waste any time, she went with haste. 
As a Christian woman, who is your Elizabeth? Who do you rush to in a hurry? Who do you seek for your Godly counsel? If you don't have an Elizabeth of your very own, ask God to put one in your life. Below are a few characteristics to look for in your Elizabeth.
Your Elizabeth should:
•Have a steadfast walk with the Lord.
•Give Godly counsel in truth and love.
•Encourage you in your walk in faith.
•Encourage you in your marriage, studies, career and relationships.
•Be someone whom you desire to learn from.
•Pray for you and encourage you when you are down and out with life stress.
•Rejoice in your successes.
•See your God-given gifts and encourage you to use them.

Your Elizabeth should not:
•Gossip with others about things you have shared.
•Disrespect your partner or family.
•Remind you of past failures, or make fun of your shortcomings.
•Pull you away from others.
•Discourage you from serving the Lord.
•Be in competition with you, or insecure in your achievements.
•Your Elizabeth should not take the Glory of God for herself by saying I prayed for her that's why she is driving this car or that's why she has gotten that job.

Take a moment and ask yourself, "Who is my Elizabeth?" And am I an Elizabeth to someone? This was sent to me, its so beautiful I thought to share with you.


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