Happy Valentine’s Day. Yes, you are LOVEABLE just as you are


Happy-valentinesIt's Valentine's Day! Happy lovers' day to you and yours.

I was reflecting on the significance of this day. It dawned on me that actually everyday should be Valentine's Day, don't you think? — days when we are loved, appreciated and celebrated. Also importantly, when we challenge ourselves to give love, respect and to honor the dignity of others.

What makes a person deserving of our love? Simply because they are a child of God.

I am learning that every body we come across deserves love – whether in our minds, they have earned it or not.

In the home or workplace, loving others creates a progressive atmosphere for growth – not for the other person, but in us. Thus, in order to be forward-moving, man's capacity to love (regardless of all the reasons why he shouldn't) oughts to be forever expanding. This is an important ingredient for long-term success.

I woke up this morning with Sia's mega-hit 'Candelier' on my mind. As I watched the video, I was once again intrigued by its simple beauty – not because the images are perfect, but because of striking imperfections in the background, in the 13 year old dancer's moves, her natural flow, the break in Sia's voice in certain places, plus the powerful message in the lyrics — all bring out the creativity behind CHANDELIER.

And so, my thoughts today are centered around the fact that we do not have to be perfect to be love-able.

Those who are meant to be in our lives will see beyond our flaws, shortcomings, mistakes, and love us just as we are – as is the merit of all human beings.

A person who loves, loves simply because they are capable of loving or in love. Love needs no reason for existing. Love breeds kindness, acceptance and tolerance. Love is not critical, it does not hurt and it's aim is never to win.

To everyone reading today, cheers to being loveable! Be proud of yourself, even as you strive to do more and give more in life.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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