Success does not come to us, we go for it

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." – Psalm 37:4

Good morning Face2Face family and welcome to our first post of 2015. Like you, I am poised for great achievements this year. 2015 shall indeed be "a year of triumph" as my sister in Cameroon so aptly put during our New Year's day chat. I sincerely wish you and yours all that your heart desires and much more. May all the hard work and years of focus continue to pay off as we walk in purpose.


This morning, I would like us to reflect on "success does not come to us, we go for it". We as human beings generally prefer to wait for that which we desire (and deserve) to come to us. However, you will realize that "going for it" generally increases our chances of "getting it". Action generally triggers a reaction. So, do not wait. Make a move, take a step and ask for that sale, for the job opening, or even for a connection with someone you admire.

Even if things do not turn out as expected, or you do not get desired results, you would have tried, meaning no more doubts or "what-ifs". Making it easier to move on and not keep looking back.

People of success are experts at reaching out, at making the first move because "when we move things move". Nothing typically happens until we initiate action that sets them in motion.

Successful entrepreneurs are hunters and go-getters. They do not wait and hope for success to happen, they make it happen.

Approach tip by Lema Abeng-Nsah

Making the first move is in fact a sign of high self-confidence, of bravery and focus, indicative of a willingness to choose faith over fear in order to reach a desired goal. It spells leadership.

So, in order to be triumphant this year, let's not hesitate to GO FOR IT in positive expectation. Success is right there waiting.



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