If you love a woman, treat her right — times are changing


"Women cannot complain about men anymore until they start getting better taste in them." – Bill Maher

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Many of our women (mothers, sisters, daughters) are the true heroes in today's society.

Growing up in a culture where women hardly ever express what they're feeling — & when they do, no one really cares — but then she keeps moving regardless, it is indeed a privilege to share their stories with the world through my interviews, writings and the work we do at Women Are Core

Isn't it true that happy women build healthy homes? While abused, oppressed & neglected women raise broken children? Maltreatment or Witnessing Family Violence Can Lower a Child’s IQ 

Isn't it true that real men respect women, knowing that relationships are two-way streets? If we are to heal (Africa especially), we must start fixing how we treat women & girls, because they are tasked with raising the leaders of tomorrow.

What makes a woman beautiful? — was the topic on our Women Are Core message board today. Please visit and read insightful comments from both men and women. I left a comment & it reads: "Her ability to stand firm in love regardless of the circumstances"

… Why? Because women are natural born leaders and home builders, often leading from the back. Only when guided by love can we be selfless & ego-free as leaders both at home & in the community. Also, when grounded in love (self-love), are we more likely to understand our worth and less willing to put up with that which brings us down.

As times change and more ladies become empowered, understanding their basic rights as human beings, guys will have to step up and be respectful. This is already becoming a trend in the younger generation of African women, who are less willing to be subjected to old suppressive traditions.

So, if you love a woman and would like to have her in your life, treat her right. And if you feel she is not for you, why not simply leave her alone? She does not have to be insulted and degraded.

Calling on all men to be loving husbands and partners is the goal of today's post!

Cheers to successful relationships.



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