The Workings of our Minds & their Effect on Others

Hello Face2Face family … it's been a while. How are you and your families doing this season? I hope and pray that the spirit of thanksgiving and celebration as Christmas approaches is filling your hearts with joy.

Please forgive me for the long lapse in blogging. I have been working on some projects, which I will gladly share with you during these upcoming weeks. I pray you have made some strides yourself – mind, body and spiritually.

Well, I am happy to be back and would love to share some thoughts on the workings of our minds. Thank you in advance for reading.

Learning from kids

A couple of weeks ago (you know those lazy evenings at home), while I was in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, my 6 year old son was busy playing on the floor. Some moments passed. When I turned around, I noticed he had carefully stacked these plastic bottles of juice in an interesting pattern (above photo).

"How impressive!" I immediately thought. What had led him to so painstakingly take his time to come up with this beautiful, symmetric pattern? I wondered, amazed.

It's either one or the other

This had me thinking later that night about the functioning of our minds, the unconscious products of our thinking and the effect they have on others.

— are our thoughts interesting, inspiring, positive, or are they daggers of pain, negative and non progressive?

It became very clear to me that what we nurture in our minds (especially in its hidden crevices aka the subconscious mind), seeps out into the world around us, affecting those around us.

It is thus possible to gauge the quality of our existence by taking stock of the quality of the thoughts that our mind is processing. 

There is no excuse for negativity

I also couldn't help noticing that my son had been silent during the time his mind was bringing forth this beautiful creation.

So I wondered, what are our minds busy concocting during silent, reflective moments that we spend with ourselves? This is important because during these times, our inner thoughts are infusing our being and soul, influencing the spirit.

The truth is that while some focus on how to be more Christ-like (Christians), how to take their businesses to the next level, what article or book to write/read next, etc — others are busy being upset over what someone did to them, cooking up gossip, planning how to 'take down' that person at their job, etc.

Whatever we meditate on, becomes us and manifests in the physical. Making a conscious effort to be of good cheer is definitely a step in the right decision.

There is never a good excuse for being bitter, angry and unpleasant. Everyone has been hurt, everyone has burdens and challenging responsibilities — I think that at the end of the day, some choose light and love over everything else.

The reason why

My son was pleasantly surprised at the family's praises and appreciation of what he had produced. His goal had not been to impress — he had just been doing what kids do, playing and tapping into his creativity.

This had me thinking about intention! Do we do what we do because that is what we're called to do, or are we looking to be praised, to be awarded trophies, driven by the need for public recognition?

I have found that focusing too much on what others may think and then waiting for them to acknowledge our work, or worst still, forcing them to applaud us (by getting upset when they don't), may actually hinder creativity and progress. 

When we walk in purpose and make excellence our trademark, the things we do speak for us, impacting those they are meant to touch. Though our achievements (humble or otherwise) may never be acknowledged at the town-square, if they yield positive fruits and change lives, we've done our part. God is the rewarder, not man.

Today, I encourage each of us to truly reflect on what we have going on in our minds. Is it:

  • Excitement and joy, or pain and defeat?
  • A willingness to learn and grow, or the propensity to dictate and talk down?
  • Gratitude and enthusiasm, or frustration and blame?
  • Progressiveness and tolerance, or jealousy and strife ????

We are all a work in progress (good news!). However, let's be aware that those qualities on the list that 'fit', control who we have become. We must now consciously re-think and re-adjust what is buried in our subconscious minds. May we also re-examine how we treat others and why. It takes discipline to flow in positive vibrations.

Like the unconscious fruits of my son's mind, may our energy bring forth fruits that are soothing and healing, not caustic ones.


I encourage you to not focus on others, do not point fingers, but look inward as you read today's thoughts -  check out the man in the mirror. I also suggest that you ask a few people around you how you may be coming off. This may help us grow as leaders.

Cheers to expanding in happiness.

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  1. We are what we think.Positivity in life brings definite progress and success than laments on our past hurts

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