SUCCESS TIP: Some people we’ve known in the past do not belong in our future


"The only reason why we think we CAN'T is because our minds have not been programmed to think we CAN"

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Success is about progress. Progress is not always easy to accomplish. Progress means moving forward, and not falling backward. Sometimes progress simply means standing firm, refusing to be pushed back by powerful wind gusts created by obstacles. Progress means refusing to quit and doing whatever it takes to accomplish set goals. Progress means not allowing others to talk us out of fulfilling our destiny.

Progress may not always be manifested by visible results, but is reflected in our self-growth as individuals.

More than ever before, I have this year encountered people who at every opportunity have had nothing but negative things to say about us and others. Such individuals dismiss your achievements, and refuse to acknowledge the greatness in anybody — including themselves. Failures always want to tell you what to do, how to accomplish that which they themselves never have. Naysayers have a habit of acting like they really care, when in reality, they are hoping you end up living below average just like them. They are sometimes friends and family members.

Having such people around is a difficult reality leaders have to deal with – the persistence of the miserable to lure us into their company. The higher you go, the greater the resistance faced from such individuals.

So, we must be very careful about who we're associating ourselves with. Always remember that those who truly care do not put down, they uplift. Leaders in our midst are encouragers and teachers from experience. We cannot expect those who are unhappy with themselves, to be proud of others, and to wish good things upon us. As human beings cannot give what they do not have — be it love, fulfillment, peace, joy. 

As the new year approaches, I encourage you to seek out powerful associations, to connect with the right people who will be supportive of your progress. Choose carefully, be smart and remember that some people we've known in the past do not belong in our future — we can only love them from a distance. Once we let the naysayers and haters go, then we open up new doors for fresh, positive and empowering relationships — those that will help us realize "we can".

Also, be careful not to spend valuable energy on the wrong people. Remember your role as a leader:



— and do not be afraid to release those who do not belong with you — in fact, they will by themselves fall by the wayside [Paula White says separate yourself from situations that hold you back].

Looking back, what has been most remarkable about your 2014? Leave a comment.

Be blessed. Cheers to your success.


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