Sharing some photos of me and the kids

Random moments at home



What are you grateful for? Have you paused lately to count those blessings?

For me, there is lots to be thankful for when I take stock of how far God has brought me. Being a mom is and always will be the greatest and most precious achievement of my life. Every moment is cherished, every day a blessing.

Like most hardworking women today, I am proud to be mommy-first.




One of the perks of coming from a large family is that one has siblings 'everywhere'. Yesterday, my daughter received a package from my sister-in-law in Finland.


Me and abby


Well, I had my eyes on the Finnish chocolate; which Abby didn't mind sharing. And I'm not the only one in the family with a sweet tooth, so we've been having a good time! May I add that chocolate lovers like us know that 'Finnish choh-co-lats' ones are some of the most delicious one can find. Thank you Aunty Nanu! These are the memories that truly count.

Hugs and kisses everyone!


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