The Navigation System does not always work perfectly, yet we trust it anyway


Lema Nsah driving

The Navigation system will get you there.

Pretty much gone are the days when we pulled up directions, printed them on paper before heading out for an appointment. In this day of technology, the smart phone has become the guide. We type in an address, hit the road and trust our phones' navigation systems to get us there.

Some of the most valuable life lessons can be learned in unlikely ways. I believe the navigation system has lots to teach us about life and success.

Exciting. We human beings generally don't like dealing with the unknown. If you've never been to an address before, you're likely feeling a bit uneasy at the start of this adventure.

Your gps (navigation system) takes you through strange roads and winding streets, sure enough leading you to the desired destination a few minutes earlier than expected.

Guided by this magical piece of technology, you have arrived at the parking lot of the restaurant for a business meeting, an office building for a job interview, or even to a friend's driveway for an important reunion … and all you had to do was get in the car, and drive as directed.

"Thank God!" you exhale in satisfaction, walking in on time. 

Navigation systems are not faultless, yet we believe in them. Yes, stuff happens. Have you ever been in a situation where you drove somewhere and suddenly the system announced, "You have arrived". You looked around wondering, "Arrived where?" In the middle of basically nowhere, location unidentifiable.

Yet the gps which believes it has done it's job has no more information to share.

You are now called to figure things out for yourself. Your guess is that this system which you trust has probably led you to the area, the exact building is somewhere close. So you drive around slowly, paying closer attention to details. You may even have to park the car, get out on foot to find the building.

Yes, you may be feeling on edge, somewhat disappointed – normal. However, gears have shifted and you must now rely on your ability to find solutions. You may even need to call a friend for advice/guidance.

What if you sat in the car and complained about how much the gps and all technology sucks? Where would this negative approach lead? Nowhere. The sure results: missing your appointment, eventually turning around in frustration and head back home without accomplishing anything. Talk of a loss/loss situation!

However, with the right attitude, this undesireable situation can be turned around.

Unforseen glitches. How about the phone freezes on us and the system stops working all together. So what do we do? Personally, I have had to pull over and reboot my cell phone a couple of times, praying hard, "technology please do not fail me now", on my way to a meeting. So we suck it up and deal with it, don't we?

At one time, I was on the highway heading to the other side of town when I realized my phone wasn't charging. The fuses in my car had just blown. My phone battery was running very low. If you've had the iphone, you realize how low its battery life is (especially the earlier versions). Then the phone died on me. I didn't know where I was going. So I exited – area unknown, pulled over at a gas station, purchased another iphone charger (since the car charger wouldn't work on the wall), and asked the store attendant for permission to charge my phone. Fortunately he said "yes" and I waited patiently for my phone to regain life plus some additional juice; time spent: close to 20 minutes. This time, I pulled up the directions, wrote them down on paper before heading back out. Thank God first, it was daytime, and secondly, I was heading to a friend visiting from out of town, so she understood.

Our navigation systems are a reflection of success systems, mentors and loved ones that guide us in life. We must trust, we must be willing to be led, to be flexible and ready to tie up loose ends. We must be grateful for these systems, but also understand that self-reliance is necessary in picking up whenever and wherever things fall apart. We must be creative and solution oriented as we allow these systems to help us. 


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