Success means making sure one’s life lines up with their dreams



Our lifestyles ought to be a reflection of our dreams. If you dream of starting a business, why not go out and make it happen; if you dream of giving back, reach out and lend a helping hand, if you dream of climbing up the corporate ladder, get to work and improve your performance. 

Everybody dreams, but only the leaders 'do' and act consistently. It was Mark Caine who said, “The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.” What this tells us is that making a move to live our dreams has to be purposeful. It doesn't just happen.

Million dollar dreams backed by determination and propelled by action have no limits. 

A successful person's way of thinking is reflected all around them – in their home, office, daily routines, and general lifestyle. In other words, a champion's surroundings are testament of their journey so far and where they're heading. Winning means making sure the walk is in line with the dream. It's not about what a person says, but what he is doing and has achieved. A person of success makes sure their achievements are proof of what they preach. A successful leader does not teach business ownership while being an employee, he does not talk of making a difference in the community while being fundamentally driven by financial gains; if he talks of personal growth and progress, we clearly see it reflected in an atmosphere of productivity that they nurture in the home, company/organization. 

Why does success command respect in society? Because living in alignment with one's dreams and purpose is seldom by happenstance; it requires focus, determination and discipline. 

It's one thing to SAY it, it's another to DO it, and LIVE it. 

The world is full of dreamers, but how many actually live those dreams? Changing our lives requires work and focus … and a good starting point is turning dreams into plans.

Do you dream of being a author? Start writing.

Do you dream of being a public speaker? Start networking and get trained.

Do you dream of living in a gated community, up your performance and increase your income bracket.

Do you dream of working with the United Nations? Start volunteering at a local charity. 

Baby steps lead to giant achievements. The challenge here is to begin the journey, do the work, get the results and stay the course for success. It is important to hold ourselves accountable in making sure we are practicing what we preach … this is the mark of success. As you can see success comes after, not at the beginning.




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