Thoughts On Success: Accepting Personal Responsibility


Victim mentality

Leadership means taking control; it means taking full responsibility and recognizing that we have it within us to make the best of any and every circumstance we find ourselves in, while moving forward one step at a time.

A leader does not blame others for the choices they make, but takes full responsibility for their actions and faces the consequences bravely.

A leader does not spend precious time lamenting on that which they have little or no control over, but finds ways to forge forward when faced with challenges.

A leader recognizes that no excuse is ever good enough for not getting the job done. Instead of offering lengthy explanations for a mediocre performance, leaders get busy finding and implementing solutions to ensure better productivity.

Taking full responsibility and holding one's self accountable are indelible marks of greatness. Progressive minds always look for the silver lining in every situation.

So do not give up … instead look up and always give nothing but your best.

Cheers to your success and please keep smiling.


An article by Lema for DUNIA Magazine

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