The Dawn of Another Year! Happy New Year 2014 … A Year to be Great

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Welcome! Here we are again, another year gone by. Happy New Year!!! Isn't it a blessing to be experiencing the dawn of another year? Isn't it a blessing to have so much to be thankful for? I would like to wish you Love, Prosperity, Happiness and lots of Success in 2014.

On this same day last year in my message to you, I wrote, "I believe 2013 will be the year of unbelievable exploits. I believe 2013 is the year it all comes together." How true that was. Many friends I have talked to have spoken of 2013 as the year in which they made great strides, and in so doing faced challenges that come with change. Challenges that only make us wiser and more prepared for today and the future.

Looking back: 2013

For me personally, 2013 will probably go down as the most memorable year of my life so far, especially professionally. My team and I were able to organize two events that changed us and left us excited about the future (March 23, 2013: Atlanta Walk For Congo; August 31, 2013: Bridging the Gap, Conversations Between Africans & African-Americans).

Looking back, I realize 2 very important points that I'll like to share with you today:

1. A Partner who never quits on us: 2013 was the year when it became ingrained in me that we can only go so far by ourselves before having to rely on God to take care of the rest. It is written in Zechariah 4:6, "Then he answered and spoke unto me, saying, “This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ saith the Lord of hosts."

We can never have enough knowledge, enough experience, and even when we put together a brilliant mastermind team, and work up a sweat doing 'whatever it takes', we are always reminded that there's a supreme being who has the last say and we must trust Him all the way. We must always pray for favor and opened doors. When we have faith and stand on His promises, He stands by us even in the lowest and darkest of moments. And in times of triumphs, we must remember to praise and thank Him. We have a partner in Him who never quits on us.

2. A smile from a stranger: I was standing outside the office one day in April of this past year, deep in thought. This guy was walking by. He stopped suddenly, saying, "I think you lost something."

"Me? What?" I asked startled, looking down around me.

He laughed, answering, "Your smile."

… and I burst out laughing. We stood there, laughing heartily as I said, "Thank you."

We waved at each other and he walked away. I will never forget that day. Long after he was gone, I still stood there smiling, shaking my head. The world suddenly seemed brighter … just because of a stranger who had showed he cared.

How many of these moments did we experience? How many times did we show a stranger we cared? How many times have we lifted another's spirit?

May 2014 be the year to be a blessing to others.

Looking Forward: 2014

There were indeed many beautiful moments in 2013 for which we should be thankful. I pray that as the new year begins, we all look back and take stock of what life has taught us.

Let's recognize that taking bold steps that require sacrifices is necessary if we're going to move things up a notch. If you've been procrastinating, today's the perfect time to make a firm resolution to take action.

In doing, we're enriched with pricess life lessons. Wisdom cannot be learned, it is only acquired through experience and the more years we're blessed to live, the fuller our Bank of Wisdom. Because we're wiser and richer in spirit, and operating from a higher consciousness, I believe 2014 will indeed be a year to be great.

Set yourself free to embrace life and the opportunities it brings; lean on the foundation of the past's teachable moments, tap into the fountain of knowlege of those who have more experience and take positive steps forward.

Being Great in 2014

Making progress is being great, loving family and friends is being great, being a blessing to a stranger is being great, living in alignment with your true self is being great, laughing and splurging is being great … and these are possible even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

I hence encourage you to shine in 2014. You alone best knows how. Spend time with yourself, listen to your heart and follow where it leads you. Excel like never before.

Wishing you a prosperous New Year 2014.

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