The Role of MONEY in Making a Difference

"The successful entrepreneur avoids having to choose between following their dreams and survival…"

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Many would agree that discussions about the role of money in our lives are not always welcome in most circles as it is considered "immoral" by many and those who bring up the topic run the risk of being labelled "materialistic". Yet most of us would agree that money is somewhat of a neccessity in our everyday lives. We need money to purchase food, we need it for gas, clothing, etc. Even those not prone to material excesses do need money for those basics that they themselves cannot produce or manufacture. 

The above quote by Oprah signifies that money is also a basic necessity in following one's dreams. It is hence of utmost importance to 1) first seek financial stability if you're going to be effective in living a "purpose driven life". 2) avoid the common mistake of giving up or letting go of a stable source of income that could serve as fuel in following your dreams.

The successful entrepreneur avoids having to choose between following their dreams and survival, by making sure their finances are able to support the path they've chosen in making a difference. The solution, I've come to realize after many years of business building is to set up multiple streams of income … EVEN IF one of the streams is initially a JOB. 

Here's why:

It takes money to make money. Investing money in your dreams, in yourself, in your business is a must if you're looking to grow it. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of starving their ventures of needed financial resources while hoping "hard-work" alone will do it… an approach that does not work most of the time. Investing and re-investing money into a project is often as necessary as water is to a growing plant. The fruits are reaped in the back-end after all the sacrifices have been made at the front end. Don't expect to make money if you're not going to invest money. Wisdom is knowing how much to invest, when and how.

Sow inorder to reap. We find that many individuals in a team commit to what's most convenient for them … "a little bit of their time here and there" … yet refuse to make any sacrifices of money to a project they've pledged allergiance to … whether it's towards renting a hall for a meeting, purchasing supplies for a team event, supporting a cause the team is working on. These individuals show up and you find them at the forefront, while other team members are feeling the pinch of funding the project. This is NOT who you want to be.

Remember that great leaders bring value, they create value and do whatever it takes to support a project they're working on. Creating value often requires making financial contributions to ease the burden on others … even if one can get away with not making these contributions. Great leaders are seldom selfish. The catch is, we can only give what we have. So work hard, make money and make a difference.

Cheers to your success.



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