9 Qualities of Winning Team Members per John C. Maxwell

"People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision." – John C. Maxwell 

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One of the most important calls of leadership is to continuously build and develop a team that grows the vision of the organization/company. The leader understands that winning teams are made up of other leaders (ie individuals who exhibit strong leadership qualities), hence one of the greatest challenges of leadership is finding the right individuals to work with.

John Maxwell in his book 'Developing The Leader Within You' discusses the qualities the leader oughts to look out for in attracting winners to their team. 

A key component of improving performance is the ability to self-examine as well. The following 9 qualities of winners are solid guidelines for team building and self-examination:

  • Winners are less sensitive to disapproval and rejection – they brush it off.
  • Winners think "bottomline".
  • Winners focus on the task at hand.
  • Winners are not supersitious – they say, "That's life."
  • Winners refuse to equate failure with self-worth.
  • Winners don't restrict thinking to established, rigid patterns.
  • Winners see the big picture.
  • Winners welcome challenge with optimism.
  • Winners don't waste time in unproductive thought




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