A Glitch is still a Glitch: Life’s Shortcomings, Mistakes and All

F2f lema blueA couple of months ago, I picked up a copy of Time Magazine and as I was reading, I noticed a typo and immediately thought to myself, "Wow, they do make mistakes at TIME too?!!" In fact, I went over that sentence a couple more times just to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me.

Why? Because noticing TIME's mistake made me feel better about the mistakes that show up in my Editorials at Dunia Magazine and blog posts here on Face2Face. 
And then I began to think about this more and realized that focusing on someone else's flaws naturally makes us human beings feel better about our own flaws. This may explain why those who have many weaknesses and shortcomings spend alot of time pointing out, dissecting and talking about the flaws of others. 
You will notice that successful people have very little time to discuss non-progressive issues because they're too busy moving forward. So the next time you catch yourself being negative, stop and look inwards; what's driving you? What needs to be fixed in your life? 
We are all human beings, we have shortcomings, we all make mistakes and a glitch is a glitch whether by TIME or DUNIA, glitches are opportunities to grow, not to gloat over someone's shortcomings. In fact, the imperfections of life add to the beauty of our existence for in them we encounter ourselves and must constantly work on becoming better and more productive. True success is about uplifting and encouraging. Is that what you're all about?

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