DUNIA Welcomes Rep. KAREN BASS: “My Ancestry is Rooted in the Great People of Cameroon”

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My Publisher’s Note in the newly released E-version of Dunia Magazine Issue 10 reads:

We are honored, excited and elated at the release of DUNIA Issue 10, featuring United States Congresswoman KAREN BASS, Democrat – California.
    We’re especially honored because we don’t have to look too far back in the review mirror to see that it’s only been 2 years since we started this creation of passion, with a vision to connect across cultures. As far as having a Congressmember grace the cover of The Reader’s Magazine, we are simply “Wow!” We could not ask for a better way to start off the New Year 2013.
    The theme of this issue is “Thriving on your Passions in 2013″.  We hope you will be impacted and inspired in many ways by Representative Bass’s commitment to her work and focus on those she serves. Representative Bass discusses works that are important to her and why; she shares thoughts on President Obama, her travels to Africa, what success means to her personally …. and most importantly!!!! Drum-roll!!! If you don’t know yet, find out where she traces her roots back to in Africa. This especially makes me smile and you’ll soon find out why. 

I have had the opportunity to work with Congresswoman Bass during the planning of the Million Woman Walk for Congo. I have found her to be soft-spoken and a lady of not-too-many words. I have observed her especially on national TV to be a good listener to every question she’s asked and to always eloquently and very clearly make her points. You will notice these in the Dunia Magazine interview as well.

Personally, Representative Bass inspires me a great deal. She’s a woman of action; she commits and delivers; her humility I have found to be very commendable … the Congresswoman is leadership personified. I still go back to her reply when asked about SUCCESS … it made me think long and hard about “PURPOSE” and how we thrive when we’re involved in what we’re called to do. 

We discussed how the Congresswoman feels about her roots being traced to Cameroon (which is where I’m from); she said she “feels excited” and is looking forward to visiting Cameroon for the first time sometime this year. Every Cameroonian I have spoken to has been very happy at the news of Representative Bass’ origins; we welcome the Congresswoman, we appreciate her and can’t wait to receive her in Atlanta sometime soon … I hope!

Connect with Rep. Bass on Twitter (@RepKarenBass) and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/RepkarenBass)

I hope her words empower you to continue to do your best as a leader.

The team at DUNIA Mag is excited to bring you this interview (pg 32: >>Read NOW: DUNIA Issue 10 E-mag


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