An Amazing ‘Letter to the Editor’ of DUNIA Magazine … all the way from Zimbabwe

Letters to the editor

I wake most mornings to a multitude of emails, text messages and other communications from clients, our readers at Dunia Mag, friends, family, business associates … and sometimes debt collectors… LoL. Quite so often, an email stands out that makes my day – like the message I'm about to share with you from a young man all the way from Zimbabwe that we received a couple of months ago. 

While I was replying to Dunia Magazine's Letters To The Editor today, I couldn't help but go over this message again. It made me feel grateful for the opportunity and the reach that Dunia Magazine now has in the 2.5 years we've been in existence. I am impressed because this young man so seamlessly and graciously captures the vision of the magazine that seeks to connect across cultures. 

I remember announcing the release of the first edition right here on Blog Face2Face on August 18, 2010. I feel proud that young people, especially young Africans are following the articles we publish … it's always been our goal to empower and inspire especially them. I personally believe that it's up to this and the younger generation to lead the continent of our mothers (Africa) to the greatness it so deserves. It is my prayer that up and coming leaders understand that "leadership is not power, it is service". I am impressed by the writer's eloquence and touched by his uplifting tone … who says we do not uplift and encourage each other?

I am so thankful to my team at Dunia Magazine for the effort; to the contributors who patiently submit articles and have continued to do so consistently for years. Our readers especially sustain and keep us going … we feel the love, we lean on the support. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The Letter

"The Editor
I write in my personal capacity, and write to advise that I am a fan of this truly remarkable and inspirational magazine. I'm a great admirer and a fan of the articles, and I write to express my joy and interest, which as a result has made me to connect and feel with it , as it is now a natural expression, just reading it.

This platform of speaking about culture, lifestyles and ourselves, showing our different dimensions and layers is essential daily, weekly, monthly and at all times. This creative platform is informative touching base on issues involving the contemporary, ambitious and confident men and women in society. It is engaging, informative and inspiring, Dunia is smart, stylish and sophisticated, and reaches far and wide, and i have the privilege of reading it and sharing it with friends and family.

I write this e-mail from Harare, Zimbabwe. I'm a young and ambitious gentleman, aged (22), currently undertaking law studies with (Unisa), University of South Africa, via Distance Learning. The reason i write this letter is because of how i have become informed, inspired and transformed by this forum…" Prince K, Jan 2013

And so, in conclusion, I ask you: If we're going to make an impact, why not make it positive? If we're going to work hard, why not change lives? If we're going to dream, why not dream big? I wish you nothing but the very best. Play to win! Follow Magazine


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