A Special “Happy New Year” Message. 2013: the Year It All Comes Together




It's the first day of 2013 and I'm feeling overwhelmingly grateful. Thankful for love, health and especially the precious gift of life. Thankful most of all for the special blessing of being able to witness the dawn of a new year.

To me personally, 2012 was a wonderful year in many ways (I hope it was same for you). Not because I made more money, or travelled or anything like that, but because I was able to "let go and let GOD". 2012 was a year of unexpected turns, of meeting people who have had a humbling and very uplifting effect in my life … angels like Anze Mofor who showed me that it is possible to truly care and selflessly collaborate with another in building and growing a dream, to nudge them to greater heights and fearlessly give feedback even when they are not ready to go there. Friends like Gordon Hurd who constantly encourage and uplift and inspire with kind words, not to boost one's ego, but to say, "Keep going, we appreciate you, we're with you." A lady like Katherine Dabo, whose love for country and fight for her nation DR of Congo inspires me and keeps me up a night, a sister who says, "Sis, just let me know when you need me and I will be on the next flight out to Atlanta" during our plans for the Atlanta Million Woman Walk for Congo. I have been blessed by the unflinching support and skill of my Managing Editor Inno Chia, whom I sometimes call an average of ten times a day when we are working on a project for DUNIA and he would patiently put everything else aside to make sure he meets deadlines and produces some of the most professional write-ups we put out.

I have been blessed with the love of my big brother Bishop Jerome Ebua, who responded immediately to that 11th hour call, reminding me, "You'll always be my small sister, mamie. Remember how I used to protect you when we were growing up." Touched by the warmth of the love of a big brother Uncle Kul that I feel across thousands of miles all the way from Delaware, as he insists on letting me know he is "there for me". I am proud of the focus of my small brother Abeng Kang who with a calm and loving spirit patiently strives for a better, more rewarding life, who sent me a special Happy New Year Message as soon as the clock struck 12 in Cameroon.

I have learned that family is everything … and family is anyone who invites you into their hearts and loves you unconditionally.

There are many more who have touched me in very special ways and I feel so grateful. You know who you are … you have shown me how I ought to treat others. I hope and I pray to be able to measure up in 2013.

2013, I will personally dedicate to being of service once again. You have probably heard me say, "we stand on the shoulders on giants and those giants are you!" I truly do mean it. With all the overwhelming and unbelievable leaps and bounds DUNIA magazine is experiencing, it would not be possible without friends like you. THANK YOU.

2012 was the year of positioning and life-changing lessons. I believe 2013 will be the year of unbelievable exploits. I believe 2013 is the year it all comes together … whatever you've spent years laying the foundation for, may you reap the fruits of your labor and witness the blossoming of your dreams in 2013.

As I tweeted earlier, my wishes for you are LoVE, PeACe, JoY, ProsPERiTY. Happy New Year!

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  1. Thank you sister and I know this year will bring you great joys and success because you care for the Nation and have a open heart for our need to know. You are what we need in information age. Katherine Dabo

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