Speaking up for Women and Children in the Democratic Republic of CONGO

Field of Hope: "In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, every hour in the day some 48 women are raped."

Dear Face2Face readers,

Recently, our attention at Dunia magazine
was called to the plight of the Congolese people. When we dug deeper,
we began to realize that most of us have really never taken the time to
understand what has been going on in that country. So we had a Congolese
lady (Katherine Dabo) write in about the war and how it has affected her country … the
article she sent in has now sparked far-ranging outrage at the plight
of women and children out there in the heart of Africa.

A hotline has been set up at the office of Congresswoman Karen Bass
(D-CA) where you can now call in to pledge your support for the
DRC. Also, we are in the process of planning a 'MILLION WOMEN WALK' for
the women and children in the DR of Congo with the support of some high
profile names.

Please read, share/email, and most importantly, call Representative Bass's office at 202.225.7084 (the call will last less than a minute. Callers just have to say, "I am calling to support the cause for the Democratic Republic of Congo") … and encourage others to do so.


War in the Heart of Africa: Congo on its knees as Women & Children continue to pay the highest Price

Thank you
Standing together under the banner of LOVE

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