Love as an Action Word that offers a Real Sense of Security

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As 2012 winds down and we begin to approach a new year, I must say a very important lesson I have learned in 2012 is that Love is an action word, which has more to do more with what we do than what we say.

The relationships we form and nurture in life have a huge effect on the quality and productivity of our lives. Some relationships will build us up, while others may slow us down. It is thus very important to truly understand who is who in our lives.

If you are an entrepreneur who is self-employed, at some point you will discover that business has good months and not so good months, that obstacles you face in the daily operation of your business will require that you reach out to those you trust for support, just as much as they may reach out to you. It is hence important to nurture healthy, trustworthy relationships and recognize those who will go the extra mile for you since it is practically impossible for anyone to operate in a vacuum. It is never a good feeling to find at the crossroads that you may not have anybody or nothing to fall back on, or that that person you had always thought cared, who had always said they loved you, really could care less whether you're swimming or sinking.

Relationships based on true love should be a source of joy and security … they shouldn't be shrouded in doubt, uncertainty and fear. If you find that a relationship with a person only flourishes when you are on your good behavior, agrees with them 100%, and are dancing to their tune, it's time to rethink and redefine it. Also, business relationships should never be mistaken for personal relationships. One of my mentors always told me, "Your clients are NOT your friends!"

It is important to take stock of who's who in our lives and to scale down our expectations accordingly. By neatly filing and classifying these relationships, we are able to not cross boundaries and to have reasonable expectations.

Remember that not everyone who says, "I love you", truly does. Actions over time are more accurate indicators of true love than spoken words.

Those who truly love us, will always love us unconditionally. They will become not just friends, but family. The good thing about this journey of life is that we find love and true friends in the most unexpected of places. While we should be careful about who we let into our intimate experiences, we also ought to be open to building new bonds. Give these new found relationships time to grow and sort of mature into "good old wine" … be careful not to rush them.

On that note, let's celebrate those who love us unconditionally, who are there for us, who will go the extra mile for us …. let's show them we appreciate them and resolve to not take them for granted. Let's also be determined to BE that someone friends and loved ones can rely on.

I hope you love the following saying like I did:

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