DUNIA Publisher Welcomes Actor ISAIAH WASHINGTON in a Special Edition

Dear Face2Face readers, greetings from Georgia. I hope you've been following the progress at DUNIA magazine where I am the founder and publisher. I know my work at the magazine has taken me away from you lately and I am no longer blogging or keeping you updated as regularly as I use to, but the power of writing lies in the fact that our works continuously evolve even as we do. I hope that whenever you do not read from me here, you would not hesitate to head on to DUNIA Magazine where the discussions are broader and will not fail to capture your interest. You can also connect with me directly on Facebook.

If you haven't read the latest edition (9th) of DUNIA Magazine yet, I am happy to inform you that the E-magazine is now available for your reading pleasure for free (http://www.duniamagazine.com/subscribe/your-e-magazine-2/).

A Note From The Publisher:

DUNIA publisher

Welcome to this Special Edition of DUNIA!
I find it truly amazing that 2 years later, we are releasing DUNIA’s 9th issue. And yes, even if the cat is already out of the bag for you who are following us on Facebook and other social media platforms, I still get goose bumps at the thought of the icon that is gracing our magazine cover … Isaiah Washington
His incredible journey starts in Houston, TX where he was born, to the nurturing grounds of his acting career in New York, and unto the big screens of Hollywood where he mesmerizes us with his talent, charm and charisma; we learn of Isaiah’s higher purpose in life, found in the remote villages of Sierra Leone. It is the foundation for a very interesting and eye opening discussion.
Themed ‘The Various Shades of Greatness’ …  this issue visits with individuals like Esther Ayuk, Danithea Ward, Kingsley Sendze, Chris Cooper and more, who are following their dreams and making things happen in their own unique ways. 
The question remains, are YOU following your dreams? Are you growing and expanding your horizons? This issue will inspire you. The flavors of our contributing writers remain unique, because they all come from different backgrounds and live in different parts of the world.
In the meantime, MARK YOUR CALENDARS: join us in Atlanta on August 31, 2013 for AN EVENING WITH ISAIAH, an exclusive opportunity to meet Mr Washington one on one, and have a discussion with him (pg 36). We will be celebrating 3 years of DUNIA in style!
Thank you again for your support. It is humbling to watch the growth DUNIA is experiencing, knowing it is all because you are telling someone about The Reader’s Magazine. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please connect with DUNIA on Facebook (www.facebook.com/DUNIAMagazine) and on Twitter (@duniamagazine).  We also love to hear from you by email [email protected]

Wishing you all the best …  from our hearts to yours,
 Lema Abeng-Nsah 
 (Twitter: @LemaNsah)

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