7 Ways to Raise Your Self-Confidence Levels

First published on Dunia Magazine


When you love yourself (in a good way, not egoistically) and
believe in your capabilities, it translates to the world as
self-confidence. Being self confident is critical to being productive
and successful. In fact, in a DUNIA magazine poll, readers were asked: In your opinion, which of the following is most critical for success? The votes came in as: Self-confidence – 52%, Focus – 29%, Knowing the right people – 13%, Patience – 6%.

These poll results point to the importance of being confident in
yourself, knowing you are good enough to learn and conquer, that you
have what it takes to close deals and grow a business, knowing you
posses the qualities of the good leader others will follow and work
with, and most importantly believing in yourself.

Self confidence is key. Without it, how can we expect to make an impression and change lives? The truth however is that …continue reading

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