4 Important Fruits of Fearlessness


One of the things that holds us back from reaching our full potential is ‘fear’. We have discussed fear quite a few times here on the blog.

Fear is actually a normal human reaction which can be overcome when we face it head-on. Be it fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of public speaking, fear of death, etc, everyone at some point experiences fear. The difference lies in how we handle this debilitating emotion – some give in to it, others don’t.

Between the heart and the brain, our dreams and our actions, the tangible and intangible… is fear.

What happens when we refuse to allow fear to stop us? We come to the realization that that which we feared didn’t kill us after-all! “Oh, this wasn’t that bad.”

Developing fearlessness on our success journey enables us to follow our dreams, to become willing to get outside of our comfort zones and also helps us take measured risks. Becoming fearless happens gradually. Like growth, it takes time and some experience. The process of becoming ‘fearless’ has major by-products.

Here are some fruits of fearlessness:

1. Self-confidence – Self-confidence is the security of knowing that you are capable. It comes with being determined to move in the direction of your dreams despite your doubts, fears and the uncertainties involved in the journey. Overcoming challenges and conquering road-blocks helps build self-confidence. All achievements, both past and present instill in us the all too important belief-in-self, which leads to confidence. If you do not believe in yourself, who else will? And when you do, you become unstoppable.

2. Charisma – Your inner power, the glow from within that shines through to the world, that’s what charisma is all about. Everyone has it in them to be charismatic. Fearlessness brings out this quality in us… to now have the power and confidence to be yourself and be comfortable around the people you interact with. Your charisma is that unique magnet that draws people to you. These days, it is popularly referred to as your ‘swagg’.

3. Humility and Politeness – Have you noticed that high achievers tend to be humble and polite? Having faced down our fears, we learn that at the end of the day, we really don’t have anything to hid, dread or prove. Being fearless means you are comfortable in your own skin and are not trying to “get” people first before they get you (you know what I mean, like always being on the defensive or ready to attack). Humility is born of freedom from baggages of past hurts, self-doubt, past failures, unnecessary competition and all other such negativity that taint our ability to collaborate productively with others.  Although we all have our struggles and I’m sure we can all agree that bad things happen to good people, life’s experiences ultimately help us become fearless as we discover what we are really made of.

An important fruit of fearlessness is choosing not to dwell on negative emotions, but deciding to grow and continue moving forward. Politeness is also an indication of inner peace.

4. Courage – Well, having faced down fear before, who says you can’t do it again? Like they say, courage is not the absence of fear, it is the unwillingness to let fear stop us. It’s almost impossible to achieve our goals progressively through life without courage. History has shown that only those who are fearless have had the courage to go on the journey to achieve great things.

Free yourself from the chains of fear. Live in abundance as you embrace your gifts and create your story of success and fulfillment.

On a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being the highest, how would you rate yourself on fearlessness? Which of these fruits would you like to develop more?


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