Milestones make life meaningful. My kids start school.


Last Monday was a once in a lifetime milestone for me. Can you guess why? Not because I made a ton of money, purchased a luxury car, or achieved an important business related goal, no! But simply because my youngest child, 4 years-old started school!

We dropped off all 3 of our kids at school on the first day. The first two were excited to start 5th and 2nd grade, but our little one was a little teary eyed (he did try to hide it like a big boy!!!) – it was his very first day ever at school. He’s always been at home.  We had to hurriedly leave the classroom before he burst into tears.

Although I must admit, I felt a little lump in my throat as we left his class, it meant so much to finally see him – our last child – in school! The one thing that guides me is the need to be there for my kids. One of the main reason I chose to work for myself was so that I could be a full-time parent. Today, our little one was kind of stepping out of the nest as well. What a major sense of accomplishment I felt as a parent, very thankful for this day.

I noted the date in my journal: Monday, 6th August 2012 – Afu starts school!

I would like to remind you today to recognize and cherish the different milestones in your life. Although these special events come in different forms and touch us in unique ways, we sometimes tend to take them for granted. They are not always about “things”, and are more meaningful when we make them about loved ones. Be sure to not overlook these moments; make it a point to savor and appreciate them.

I know there are millions of parents out there who proudly watch their kids go off to school everyday, marveling at their development and growth. It is important to take in every moment and thank God for these precious little jewels – our kids. Let’s not be so focused on tomorrow that we let today slip away unnoticed – happiness is in the now and every single milestone makes life, oh! so meaningful.

I understand that in these demanding times, we do get too busy, even overwhelmed. How do you balance family and work? I share some tips in this article. How about back-to-school, are your kids on the right track? I love these tips: Tips on How Parents Can Prepare Their Children for Back to School.

 I encourage you to take a moment to write down something significant that has happened in your life recently and how you intend to celebrate it.


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  1. Lema, I was doing school homework, then I typed “making life meaningful” on Google search and clicked on images, and there were three kids I thought I recognized! I said to my self, are these not Lema’s Kids? I had seen the same picture on FB. What a great coincidence. Beautiful article. Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

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